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专访瓦伦西亚旅游局销售推广总监Mr. Miguel Ángel


Miguel Ángel,西班牙瓦伦西亚旅游局销售推广总监。


So far, what is the impact of this epidemic on your destination?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:最开始,中国游客因为疫情原因无法出境旅游,这对于瓦伦西亚旅游业造成了冲击。然后到了二月,当时瓦伦西亚的第一大市场意大利受到了疫情影响,而如今西班牙也深受疫情折磨。

Till some days ago, we were first affected when Chinese tourists could not come any more. Then Italy was impacted in February (being Italy first market for Valencia) and now Spain is also infected.


The situation is getting difficult with over 9.000 cases and 300 deaths in Spain; in Valencia Region there are about 500 cases and 13 deaths. The country has arranged the “alarm status” so that people should stay at home and only leave to work or buy food, medicines, etc. in order to avoid the virus spread: something similar to what China has been doing.


So far, what measures have been taken to deal with the epidemic? Has it provided some visa extension, schedule adjustment and other help to Chinese tourists and travel agencies?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:瓦伦西亚的旅业供应商(如众酒店)一度积极地帮助中国的旅行社解决问题;瓦伦西亚市议会也曾为中国的友好城市:广州、成都,以及西安这样的合作城市(“丝绸之路”合作关系)发表过慰问信。

Suppliers in Valencia (hotels, etc.) where trying to help Chinese travel agencies; our City Council had sent letters of support to our sister cities Guangzhou and Chengdu, and also to other partners like Xi’an (linked to Valencia by the Silk Route)


Now the measure are being taken to slow down the virus spread, as a clear example we have postponed the famous Fallas Festival, that hopefully will take place from 15th to 19th July (if the situation makes it possible). This is the 1st time in 81 years (since Spanish Civil war that this happens).


Talking about Fallas, the main Falla this year was a huge girl doing Yoga. The Falla was not finished, but the head from the lady has become a symbol of resistance- when Fallas where postponed the artists place a mask at her face. The rest of the body has been burnt, but the head will be saved till July.


Since the beginning of this century, there have been several epidemic outbreaks around the world. Are there any successful experiences to share in the previous response to these epidemic outbreaks?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:在近些年,瓦伦西亚从未经历过如此严重的疫情爆发,如今爆发的新冠疫情对于我们来说非常突然。我们从中国以及意大利学习到了防疫的经验,并按照医疗防护指示进行自我隔离,以及确保公众之间的安全距离以降低感染风险。

In Valencia we have not had so serious epidemic outbreaks in the recent years. This is completely new for us. We are following medical instructions (learning from the experiences in China and Italy), staying home and keeping contact distances to lower the virus spread.


How long do you think the impact of this epidemic will last? Is there a rough estimate of the time nodes for market recovery?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:这个问题比较难以回答。目前看来中国市场恢复的速度是非常快的,但是欧洲却开始沦陷。当局和民众对于疫情非常重视,然而我们也说不准具体控制住疫情的日期。

This is a very difficult question. It seems China is getting soon to that market recovery, but now Europe is starting. Authorities and population are taking this serious, but we have no idea of the time.


Our message is now asking people to stay home and be safe, so that when this market recovery happens we will be able to welcome again all of them in Mediterranean Valencia: a destination which will keep offering a wide range of gastro, cultural, shopping and sports tourism.


What are the plans and measures to minimize losses and promote the recovery of the global market, especially the Chinese market?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:我们目前停止了所有的推广活动,仅与航司、旅行社以及媒体等主要相关方保持沟通,尽我们所能地提供支持。

We have stopped all our promotional activities, just keeping in touch with main tourism agents (airlines, touroperators, media, …) offering all our support.


As an example we had to cancel our international Fallas press trip, we will prepare a new one for July, and hopefully Travel + Leisure will be able to come so that they can publish and show their Chinese audience, to welcome back thousands of Chinese tourists for Fallas in March 2021.


What kind of warning and enlightenment do you think this epidemic will bring to the global tourism industry?

Mr. Miguel Ángel:我认为这是大自然给予我们的警示,也让我想起了近些年很火热的“过渡旅游”的话题。如今我们回到原点,以新的角度去思考,不应再将焦点置于旅游人数和收入的增长,而是放大游客本身的体验和情感,为他们提供真正“与众不同”的旅行产品。而对于瓦伦西亚的“与众不同”,也许便是亲身参与一场海鲜饭大师班,或者在爱尔布菲拉自然公园(Albufera Natural Park,播种生产海鲜饭大米的保护区域)欣赏绝美的落日余晖。

Mother nature is wise… in the recent years “overtourism” was a topic.
Now we will start again and have the chance to build up things in a different way, not just focusing on numbers and revenues, but focusing on the tourist and their feelings and emotions trying to offer them more “Unique” products. Unique products like doing a Paella Masterclass or seeing a sunset at Albufera lake (a protected Natural Park where we grow the rice for Paella)


Finally, I think this epidemic shows all of us how vulnerable is tourism. We will appreciate much more what we have. Sometimes you don’t give value to the things you have … and after this pandemic we will try to “enjoy” more every single trip we do.



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