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汤大伟先生拥有近30年的酒店管理经验,先后在国际知名品牌酒店中担任高级管理职务,曾任澳门St.Rigis 酒店的开业总经理。2001年汤大伟先生参与上海瑞吉红塔酒店的筹备及开业并被任命为酒店经理一职,之后担任海口喜来登酒店总经理。自2014年以来任厦门艾美酒店总经理至今。


What changes do you think about China's high-end hotel market in 2017? How did your hotel respond to these changes?

汤大伟先生:我认为高端酒店市场的一个重大变化就是更多的国际和本地五星级豪华品牌酒店进入中国的二线和三线城市。这对于旅行者们来说是一个好消息,可以用比一线城市如北京、上海、香港、广州和深圳更低 的价格即可享受到同样的产品和服务。 同时,新进入市场的这些酒店也会在价格和入住率方面进一步影响到现在供大于求的市场。

I think the one significant change in the High End Hotel Market is the prolific entry of International and Local 5 Star Luxury Branded hotels into secondary and third tier cities in China. Whilst this may be good news for the traveling public as they are able to purchase similar products and services at a lower rate than compared to similar products in first tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the new entrants will further slow and hinder rate and occupancy growths in the already over supplied markets.


More and more high-end hotels are entering the Chinese market, leading more and more fierce competition. What measures will you take to deal with the fierce competition environment?

汤大伟先生:现在,想要在提供类似设施和品牌认知度的同类酒店中脱颖而出越来越困难。随着本地酒店市场的竞争日益激烈,我们面临更大的挑战是如何招募、开发和留住合适的人才,从而使我们能够提供那些难以效仿的客户体验。厦门艾美酒店, 隶属万豪国际集团。我们得益于全集团在大中华几百家酒店的的人才库,有更多的人才储备,同时有大量的培训,发展项目和更多的职业发展机会,使我们能够更好地吸引和留住合适的人才。我们有艾美独特的品牌文化,别致和探索项目,包括各种独特的客人体验,当地的特色文化活动、烹饪美食和探索之旅,“不落俗套”的感受当地特色。同时我们酒店位于厦门城市森林公园的半山,坐落于广阔空间和葱郁植被间的酒店为您打造都市便利和天然环境完美平衡的休憩之所。

It is more and more difficult to stand out and differentiate one hotel against many others that offer similar facilities and brand recognition. As the local hotel market becomes ever more competitive, the challenges that we face are how to recruit, develop and retain the right talents so that we are able to provide those memorable guest experiences that others will find difficult to emulate. Le Meridien Xiamen, under Marriott International, is able to benefit from the company’s vast talent pool from over hundreds hotels in Greater China, with a host of training and development programs and robust career advancement opportunities, we are better able to attract and retain the right talents both internally and from external channels.

The Le Meridien’s brand Culture, Chic and Discovery Programs include a variety of unique guests experiences featuring regular local cultural events, culinary treats and discovery tours to ‘off the beaten tracks’local attractions. The Le Meridien Xiamen’s hill top location in the city center also provides guests with a serene and resort surroundings without having to sacrifice the convenience of a city center hotel.


What noteworthy cases of service innovation, management innovation, scientific and technological innovation within hotel industry in the past year?

汤大伟先生:随着旅行者的大量增长和他们旅行倾向的改变,今天的客人们对酒店的要求不再仅仅是标准服务和设施。越来越多的旅行者在旅途中希望有独特的、有趣的、难忘的体验。厦门艾美酒店充分认识到这一点,并为此开发了一些新的服务。 我们在充分了解和探索一些隐藏在城市中的景点后, 制作了一个特殊的手绘地图, 同时我们也为住客提供免费参观钢琴博物馆的机会,我们安排了酒店到鼓浪屿码头,以及另外两座百岁寺庙的免费巴士。

在技术方面,将机器人作为服务员,管家甚至是虚拟个人助理,如亚马逊的Echo, 或是利用电子产品实现房间控制功能,在平板电脑上,播放视频,电影和订购食品,这些都将是酒店客房可以提供设施和功能。在目前,更现实、更实用的方面,万豪国际己推出的无钥匙客房入口和移动check in / out,为客人提供了更多的方便, 然而目前 ,就像大家所要求的, 我认为大多数客人最渴望的技术还是为他们的多种数码设备提供快速稳定的WiFi。

With the tremendous growth of affluent travelers and their propensity to travel, today’s hotel guests are looking beyond the standard services and facilities offered, more and more, travelers are looking for interesting and memorable experiences that are unique to the destination. The Le Meridien Xiamen recognizes this and has developed a series of services to cater to this important trend. We have explored, visited and collected a number hidden attractions in and around the hotel and city which are then featured on a specially printed map, we have also engaged the local Piano Museum to provide free access and tours on the famous Gulanyu Island, shuttle and information to 2 one hundred year old temples.

On the technology front, the sensational introduction of Robots as servers and butlers, Virtual Personal Assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Room Control functions on tablets, streaming devices enabling on demand videos, movies and order food deliveries are hotel room amenities and features that are being considered as required standards. On the more current and practical side, Marriott’s introduction of Keyless guest room entry and mobile check in / out are 2 programs that guest find very easy to adopt and convenient to use. But all said, I think the most sought after technology by most guests is still a fast and steady WIFI for their multiple digital devices.


What do you think about the hot issue on the contradiction and cooperation between hotel and OTA in 2017?

汤大伟先生:酒店和在线旅行社之间的冲突和矛盾还是会持续一段时间,很难确定一个完美的解决方案来解决这种持久的拉锯战。我认为, 各方的应该尝试提供一个共同的平台,使每一方都能从分配、价格和顾客忠诚度方面得到最大化获益。

The conflict and contradictions between hotels and OTAs will be around for some time and that a perfect solution to this long lasting Tug of War is still very elusive. The trial and error approach by all parties should provide a common platform where everyone can benefit from maximizing on Distribution, Price and Guest Loyalty.


What’s the most memorable event or accomplishment of your hotel in 2017?

汤大伟先生:我们去年庆祝了厦门艾美酒店开业八周年, 八年过去了, 我们仍有20%的同事从开业就一直为酒店服务到现在, 这一点非常值得自豪。

We celebrated Le Meridien Xiamen’s 8th Anniversary along with over 20 % of the associates who have been with the hotel since day 1.


What will be the focus of your hotel in 2018? Do you have any particular plans or ideas?

汤大伟先生:对于2018来说,改变将是酒店的主要方向。我们将致力于将每一件事做的更好,从服务方面,与客沟通方面以及当地社区的互动, 提供更好的餐饮产品等。

For 2018, Change will be the hotel’s key direction. We will aim to Change for the Better in everything we do, from servicing and interacting with guests and the local community to our culinary offerings and how we treat each other .


Could you sum up in one sentence to introduce whats the most worthy to be experienced in your hotel to our readers?

汤大伟先生:我推荐大家尝试一下酒店特色早餐中的金枪鱼卷配荞麦薄饼, 以及厦门沙茶海鲜欧姆蛋, 同时我们具有本地特色风味的泡芙也是您的不二之选。

Must try our signature breakfast items such as garlic and ginger tuna roulade in buckwheat crepes and Xiamen Sacha style spicy seafood omelet and of course, and for a refreshing break, our special  Eclairs influenced by local traditional ingredients.


What’s your travel plan in 2018? What’s your personal standard to choose a hotel?


Planning a summer journey to Ireland and Canada. I prefer hotels that are warm, rustic and homely, and very clean………….



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