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发布日期:2018年10月17日  来源:雅高酒店集团



AccorHotels and sbe Entertainment Group (“sbe”) announced the completion of AccorHotels’ acquisition of a 50% stake in sbe.

sbe总部 – 加利福尼亚州洛杉矶市/sbe Corporate Office – Los Angeles California

雅高酒店集团将利用此次合作继续贯彻其发展战略,开拓奢华时尚生活酒店领域,并将业务范围扩大至北美及更多新的目的地 – 包括大中华区。

Through this partnership, AccorHotels will pursue its strategy to expand its offering in the luxury lifestyle hospitality segment and its footprint in gateway cities across North America and new global destinations including Greater China.

在此项长期投资的支持下,sbe将有权利用雅高酒店集团领先的全球酒店平台,同时仍将作为一家独立的奢华时尚生活酒店管理公司运营。sbe将继续由其创始人兼首席执行官萨姆·纳扎里安(Sam Nazarian)及其专家管理团队领导,同时保留其在纽约的全球总部。

This long-term investment will allow sbe to leverage AccorHotels’ leading global hospitality platform while remaining an independent luxury lifestyle operator. sbe will continue to be led by its Founder and CEO Sam Nazarian as well as its expert management team while retaining its global headquarters in New York.

雅高酒店集团主席兼首席执行官塞巴斯蒂安∙巴赞(Sébastien Bazin)表示: “我对此次建立的独特伙伴关系倍感自豪。我们集两家集团之所长,为所有宾客提供奢华的时尚生活体验。雅高酒店集团还借助sbe品牌组合,将业务范围拓展至美国各大门户城市,为发展迈出重要一步。Sam Nazarian善于创新,对于打造独一无二的体验和开创全新酒店和餐饮概念,有着与生俱来的敏锐度。我们很高兴能与sbe携手,利用各自所长为宾客提供服务。”

Sébastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO, AccorHotels: “I am very proud of this unique partnership. It combines the best of both groups by offering all our guests lifestyle concepts in the luxury segment. With sbe’s brand portfolio, AccorHotels is also taking a significant step forward in its group’s expansion in key gateway cities in the US. Sam Nazarian is an innovator with an inborn sense of creating unique experiences and groundbreaking hotels and F&B concepts. We are delighted to join forces and mutualize our skills for the benefits of our guests”.

雅高酒店集团总部 – 巴黎/AccorHotels Headquarter Office – Paris

sbe创始人兼首席执行官萨姆·纳扎里安(Sam Nazarian)表示:“此次与雅高酒店集团合作,标志着sbe迈入崭新的历史篇章,非常高兴这一战略合作关系现已达成。sbe自2016年收购摩根酒店集团(Morgans Hotel Group)后便获得了迅猛发展。到2020年,sbe将拥有50多家酒店,同时还会大力拓展全方位时尚生活体验、餐饮和娱乐领域,其中包括全球50多处正在筹备建设的场所。此次与雅高酒店集团的合作将加快我们在美国和其他国家市场的发展步伐。塞巴斯蒂安∙巴赞已成功建立了全球生态系统和数字市场平台。sbe的每一位员工都很期待能够将两家集团的独特服务结合起来,为宾客提供无与伦比的时尚生活体验。”

Sam Nazarian, Founder and CEO of sbe: “This partnership with AccorHotels marks the beginning of a new chapter in sbe’s history and I’m thrilled that this strategic partnership has now been completed. sbe has grown rapidly since the acquisition of Morgans Hotel Group in 2016. The sbe portfolio will grow to over 50 hotels by 2020, paired with tremendous expansion in the residential, culinary and entertainment segment of the 360 lifestyle experience, including over 50 global venues in the pipeline. The partnership with AccorHotels is only going to accelerate this growth both in the US and in international markets. Sébastien Bazin has built an incredibly successful global platform in an ecosystem and digital market. Everyone at sbe is hugely excited to combine the unique offerings of both groups to provide our guests with unparalleled lifestyle experiences.”

雅高酒店集团会将sbe酒店、餐厅和娱乐场所纳入其分销平台AccorHotels.com雅高官网,以及雅高酒店集团客户忠诚计划Le Club AccorHotels雅高乐雅会。雅高凭借其全球酒店发展平台和在100个国家的影响力,将在促进sbe全球奢华时尚生活酒店、餐厅和娱乐品牌的发展中发挥关键作用,这些品牌包括SLS、Delano、Mondrian、海德(Hyde)和The Originals(Sanderson、St. Martin Lane、10 Karakoy、Shore Club和Redbury)。

sbe hotels, culinary and entertainment venues will be distributed on the AccorHotels platform, be featured on Accorhotels.com and will be part of the AccorHotels loyalty program. With its global hotel development platform and its presence in 100 countries, AccorHotels will play a key role in developing sbe’s iconic luxury lifestyle hotel, restaurant and entertainment brands globally including SLS, Delano, Mondrian, Hyde and The Originals (Sanderson, St. Martin Lane, 10 Karakoy, Shore Club and Redbury).


Mondrian Park Avenue

Skybar at Mondrian


Through this investment, sbe will accelerate its international growth with expansion into new markets outside of the US. It currently has a further 20 hotels and residences around the world in its pipeline, as well as 59 standalone restaurants and nightlife venues. sbe’s pipeline includes projects in some of the most important global gateway cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Cancun, Tokyo and Los Cabos.

雅高酒店集团大中华区主席兼首席运营官罗凯睿(Gary Rosen)表示:“sbe凭借其独特的全方位时尚生活享誉盛名,是雅高酒店集团在全球独特并理想的合作伙伴,将为中国市场尤其是最具活力和律动的目的地带来全新的机会,为具有远见的开发商带来优质的产品和新颖的体验,为中国的旅行者带来奢华住宅、服务式公寓以及颠覆式的餐饮和娱乐体验。”

Gary Rosen, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, AccorHotels Greater China, said: “Renowned for its unique 360-degree approach to lifestyle hospitality, sbe is a unique and perfect global partner for us to identify new opportunities here in China, particularly in some of the dynamic and vibrant destinations, with visionary developers who look for outstanding products and new experiences from luxury residences, serviced apartments to disruptive dining & entertainment for Chinese travelers alike.”

到2018年年底,sbe将运营25家酒店的7,498间客房(多数位于北美地区),遍布全球旅游目的地的170家屡获殊荣的餐厅和娱乐场地,以及中东、拉丁美洲和亚洲的新酒店。即将新开业的项目包括迪拜棕榈岛Delano酒店以及位于佛罗里达州好莱坞市的Hyde Beach House。

By the end of 2018 sbe will operate 25 hotels, comprising 7,498 keys with a majority in North America, 170 award winning restaurants and entertainment venues in global destinations as well as new properties in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Upcoming openings include Delano Dubai at the Palm and Hyde Beach House in Hollywood Florida.



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