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发布日期:2017年09月01日  来源:安缦集团

近日,安缦宣布与顶尖奢华旅游公司Remote Lands合作,在2018年4月15日至5月6日期间推出私人飞机之旅。这次非凡旅程仅设16席,宾客将乘坐空中客车ACJ 319,开启9国22天文化及自然美景之旅。

安缦持续定义奢华旅游新标准。近日,安缦宣布与顶尖奢华旅游公司Remote Lands合作,在2018415日至56日期间推出私人飞机之旅。这次非凡旅程仅设16席,宾客将乘坐空中客车ACJ 319,开启922天文化及自然美景之旅。行程目的地包括日本的东京安缦,中国的养云安缦,越南的Amanoi,泰国的Amanpuri,不丹Amankora的帕罗度假村和廷布度假村,印度的Amanbagh,希腊的Amanzoe,黑山共和国的Aman Sveti Stefan,以及意大利的Aman Venice

Continuing to redefine the concept of luxury travel, Aman has launched an exclusive Private Jet Expedition with the world’s foremost luxury travel designer, Remote Lands from 15 April to 6 May 2018. This extraordinary journey will see just 16 guests journey in consummate comfort aboard an Airbus ACJ 319 to nine countries in 22 days, to discover their rich cultures and outstanding natural beauty. Destinations include Aman Tokyo in Japan, Amanyangyun in China, Amanoi in Vietnam, Amanpuri in Thailand, Amankora’s Paro and Thimphu lodges in Bhutan, Amanbagh in India, Amanzoe in Greece, Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro and Aman Venice in Italy.


Taking in bustling cities, lofty mountain peaks, idyllic beaches and spiritual havens, guests will be taken on an adventure to explore an array of destinations in the Aman way. The Airbus, originally designed for 126 passengers, has been refitted for just 16 offering living rooms with sumptuous leather seats that fold completely flat, bedrooms and bathrooms with showers. While time in the air will be swift and infinitely cossetting, days will pass languidly amid drifting cherry blossoms in Japan, swimming in Phuket’s Andaman Sea, trekking in the Himalayas or floating dreamily down Venice’s Grand Canal. Nights will be spent in unrivalled opulence at a selection of signature Aman destinations, with elegant cocktail and dinner parties throughout the adventure providing opportunities for guests to mingle. Every couple or solo traveller, however will have their own private car, driver and guide for all transfers and excursions, ensuring privacy and solitude whenever needed.


This exceptional journey begins on 15 April, with three nights in Tokyo, amid Sakura season, when the city turns a shade of pink by the flowering of its cherry blossoms. The city of fascinating contrasts: ancient palaces and manicured parks lie alongside gleaming skyscrapers; narrow alleys crammed with tiny bars tucked between serene temples; and world class restaurants, galleries and museums juxtaposed with a captivating pop culture scene. From the lofty sanctuary that is Aman Tokyo housed atop The Otemachi Tower, guests will enjoy sushi-making classes, lessons in the sword-fighting martial art known as laido and tea ceremonies, as well as private guided tours of the city’s finest attractions including Tsukiji Fish Market, the widely recognised Asakusa restaurant and the Imperial Palace Gardens. With a host of choices and activities to choose from, the Tokyo itinerary guarantees guests an illuminating glimpse into the most authentic and exhilarating aspects of Japan’s dynamic culture.

旅途的下一站将把客人带到上海——亚洲最具活力的大都会城市。上海不仅有世界一流的餐饮、购物、艺术和夜生活,还有融合传统中式、殖民欧式和超现代样式的独特建筑风格。在上海停留期间(418日至20日),客人有机会欣赏古典的豫园,漫步外滩,探索法租界,游览M50艺术区的画廊并展开自由活动。静落于上海市郊古樟树园林中的养云安缦与活力城市相呼应,将成为宾客宁谧的港湾。其优雅的现代建筑包括由Kerry Hill设计的24间套房和6个餐饮场所,以及26间古宅套房。这些历史悠久的中式建筑是为了挽救受到修建廖坊水库威胁的屋舍,从七百公里以外的抚州一块一块拆卸、搬运、复原重现的。

The next leg of the journey takes guests to Shanghai, one of Asia’s most dynamic metropolises offering world-class dining, shopping, arts and nightlife. Of the city’s many unique traits, perhaps the most striking is its mix of architectural styles: traditional Chinese, colonial European and ultra-modern. Over the course of a two-night stay (18 - 20 April), guests have the opportunity to admire the magnificent Yu Gardens, stroll the length of the Bund, explore the French Concession and browse the galleries of M50 Art District, among many other personalised excursions. The perfect foil to Shanghai’s intoxicating energy, Amanyangyun is set on 100 acres in a forest of giant camphor trees on the outskirts of the city, a haven of tranquility seemingly lost in time. Its graceful contemporary structures including 24 suites and six dining venues designed by Kerry Hill complement 26 Antique Villas. These historic Chinese houses were saved from the waters of Liao Fang Reservoir when they were moved stone by stone from Fuzhou, almost 700km away.

离开上海,宾客将在越南东海边度过田园诗般的两晚(420日至22日)。Amanoi地处东海边的白沙海滩,遥望永熙湾(Vinh Hy Bay),被主山国家公园环绕。永熙湾区域宁谧隐逸,除几个安静的小渔村和Amanoi外没有其他建筑。度假村本身就是一景,宾客从独立的庭阁可以俯瞰大海或连绵的山丘。Amanoi的安缦水疗中心和两个最新揭幕的水疗馆将为宾客提供独特的小组隐逸体验及个人养生浸入式体验。客人还可以在当地村庄骑行,赶早市,在海洋保护区的原始珊瑚礁中浮潜,或攀登至戈加峰的高处,沉溺于世外桃源的恬静。

From Shanghai, follows a two-night stay (20 – 22 April) at a blissful beachside idyll on the remote shores of the East Sea on Vietnam’s dramatic coastline. Backed by the vast wilderness of Nui Chua National Park and renowned for its crystal seas and pearly white sand, Vinh Hy Bay is home to Amanoi and just a few tiny fishing villages. The resort is a destination unto itself, with standalone guest pavilions riding a ridge with views either of the ocean or the National Park’s undulating hills. A comprehensive Aman Spa and two recently unveiled, unique Spa Houses, offer an exclusive spa experience allowing guests to cocoon themselves away, their minds to quieten and heal from the outside in, within this meditative outpost. Guests can also cycle through local villages for the rush of the morning markets, snorkel in the pristine coral reefs of the marine reserve or hike to Goga Peak’s heights and prepare to indulge in paradise itself.

接下来是泰国两晚Amanpuri422日至24日)的行程,金色沙滩和湛蓝海水持续为宾客带来心满意足的假日感受。 Amanpuri坐落于普吉岛西海岸,椰林婆娑,隐逸闲适。度假村除了美丽的景色外,更有正宗泰式美食供您品尝,如美味咖喱和泰式沙拉等。除此之外,Amanpuri亦是Nama和食新概念的全球首发地。Nama概念源自传统日式怀石料理,海鲜、有机食品及原料都从大阪和京都的市场直送。宾客亦可在此享受Amanpuri屡获殊荣的安缦水疗,得到身心全方位养护。Amanpuri的短途行活动五花八门,宾客可选择游览一系列文化景点或者出海到斯米兰岛、皮皮岛和攀牙湾的尖峰石阵体验潜水等。

A short hop to Thailand is next on the itinerary for two nights (22 - 24 April), ensuring that any further appetite for golden-sand and balmy, turquoise water is well and truly satiated. Amanpuri claims a private peninsula on Phuket’s lauded west coast, its graceful Ayutthaya-inspired rooflines peeking through coconut palms above a beach, lapped by the Andaman Sea. A destination unto itself, Amanpuri’s gastronomic fare is second to none from authentic Thai cuisine incorporating Phuket’s abundance of natural produce to create fragrant curries and Thai salads to Nama, Aman’s first culinary concept and Japanese restaurant celebrating Japan's UNESCO-recognised tradition of Washoku, featuring seafood, vibrant organic produce, with specialist ingredients sourced directly from the markets of Osaka and Kyoto. For adventurous guests who can tear themselves away from the resort’s magnificent restaurants, the stunning midnight-blue swimming pool and comprehensive Aman Spa, there are a range of activities in close proximity from cultural attractions and dive sites – among them the Similan Islands, Koh Phi Phi and the striking limestone pinnacles of Phang Nga Bay.


Guests will board two G2000 - smaller private jets, for the northward journey into another Kingdom – the last remaining Buddhist realm of Bhutan. Swapping palm trees and beaches for snow-capped peaks and valleys strung with prayer flags, travellers will now experience one of the most intact cultures worldwide, in a country which values the happiness of its people more than its GDP. Over four nights (24 - 28 April), guests will explore the valleys of Thimpu and Paro, staying in two of Amankora’s five lodges spread across the western valleys of this majestic land.

Amankora廷布度假村位于廷布河谷Motithang地区较高处的一片蓝松林中,拥有16间套房。从这里可以便捷地去往不丹首都廷布的景点和商店,同时又远离了城市的喧嚣。Amankora 帕罗度假村坐落在帕罗河谷的山丘上,靠近神圣的历史景点虎穴寺。宾客可以在远足时呼吸新鲜空气,欣赏壮丽自然美景,在当地修道院感受内心平静,参观古雀寺(Kyichu Llakhang),帕罗宗(Paro Dzong)等古老寺庙,或只是欣赏日落,感受纯净风光。最后一天,宾客还能与哲学大师Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche一起 祷告冥想,这将是一生难忘的记忆。

Situated in a blue pine forest in the upper reaches of the Motithang area, the 16-suite Amankora Thimphu is close to the capital’s sights and shopping, whilst remaining a quiet retreat. Amankora Paro rests on the brush-covered hills of Paro Valley, near some of Bhutan’s most treasured historical sites including Taktsang, the fabled Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Whether marvelling at the purity of the Kingdom’s air and its breathtaking natural beauty while hiking, absorbing the spiritual peace of local monasteries, admiring Kyichu Llakhang, Paro Dzong and other ancient temples and fortresses, or simply appreciating the sunset painting the sky a myriad of pinks every evening, this magical place is sure to be a highlight for many on the expedition, especially the final day’s blessing with his Eminence Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche, a spiritual master and one of Bhutan’s greatest living teachers.

乘上G200私人飞机再次向南行进,宾客将踏入另一片拥有深沉历史的净土——印度。Amanbagh位于拉贾斯坦邦(Rajasthan)美丽的阿拉瓦利山(Aravalli Hills),能欣赏到斋浦尔(Jaipur)的迷人风光,令人仿佛依稀还能回想起莫卧尔王朝的壮丽景色。428日至30日,宾客将回到印度的黄金时代,无论是大理石地板、半圆型穹顶、郁郁葱葱的花园,还是多彩的村庄和古老的废墟,无一不引人回到印度的黄金时代,同时享受极致舒适的入住体验。安缦的司机和导游会以私家车带你探访斋浦尔这座粉色城市,参观风之宫(Hawa Mahal),琥珀堡(Amber Fort)和Johri Bazaar集市,在克什米尔建造的Shikara船上巡游Mansarover Lake,探索鬼城”——斑嘎城堡(Bhangarh)古迹。这一古迹见证了当地少数民族Meena的生活方式,这个部族村庄由于与世隔离而保存了独特的风俗。Amanbagh能为宾客提供简单却深刻的旅途体验-夜间车旅:黄昏来临时,你将乘车观赏山羊和牛群集体移动的壮丽场景,在质朴愉快中收获好心情。

Travelling south again on the twin G2000 private jets will see travellers entering another land steeped in history and spirituality: India. The palatial haveli estate of Amanbagh lies in Rajasthan’s starkly beautiful Aravalli Hills, a scenic drive from Jaipur and a living reminder of the Mughal Era. Marble floors, domed cupolas, lush gardens, colourful villages and ancient ruins all contribute to setting a scene that could be drawn from centuries past, with gracious modern touches ensuring supreme comfort over the two-night stay (28 - 30 April). Guests will explore the so-called ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur by private car, driver and guide, visiting the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds), Amber Fort and Johri Bazaar, cruise Mansarover Lake in a Kashmiri-built Shikara boat, discover the eerie ruins of deserted Bhangarh, City of Ghosts, and witness the Meena way of life in remote Ajabgarh, a tribal village that has maintained its people’s unique customs due to their isolation. Perhaps the simplest yet most profound experience offered by Amanbagh is the Cow Dust Tour – an evening drive: the dust kicked up by goats and cows returning home for the night turns dusk golden, lit by the smiles of locals.

离开印度,您将再次搭乘空中客车ACJ 319,前往西方文明的摇篮——希腊。抵达雅典后,直升机将把宾客带至伯罗奔尼撒群山间的Amanzoe。这个传奇般的半岛是众多伟大考古遗址的所在地,如古老的奥林匹亚和联合国教科文组织保护的埃皮达鲁斯(Epidaurus)遗址。除悠悠古迹外,伯罗奔尼撒半岛同样以美食美景闻名:海岛被海滩环绕,还有斯佩翠斯岛(Spetses)以及该地区丰富的天然产品,包括橄榄、石榴、蜂蜜、葡萄酒和奶酪等。Amanzoe的灵感来自古典希腊建筑,从度假村可360度全方位鸟瞰爱琴海的温柔海景。坐落于葱茏的橄榄树林之间,沙滩边的私人俱乐部让您尽享时间静止般的优美休闲空间。在430日至52日期间,您可以从阿尔戈萨罗尼克湾(Argo-Saronic)一路游览至斯佩翠斯岛(Spetses),欣赏蔚蓝海景,漫步历史悠久的人行街道并在当地小酒馆享用海鲜精致午餐。我们仍配备私人司机和导游,游览埃皮达鲁斯(Epidaurus),探索包括卫城(Acropolis)和帕台农神庙(Parthenon)等雅典奇观。

Once again boarding the Airbus ACJ 319, guests leave the Indian Subcontinent and head to Greece, the historic cradle of Western Civilization. On arrival in Athens, helicopters await for the short flight from the capital to Amanzoe in the hills of the Peloponnese. This legendary peninsula is home to great archeological sites such as ancient Olympia and UNESCO-protected Epidaurus, and is equally fabled for its beaches, the cosmopolitan island of Spetses, and the region’s natural produce – from olives, pomegranates and honey, to wine and cheese. Inspired by classical Greek architecture, Amanzoe commands almost 360-degree views of the coast and the Aegean Sea from its hilltop setting, with its own private amphitheatre surrounded by olive groves, and a Beach Club and private beach on the shore. During the two-night stay (30 April – 2 May) guests can cruise the azure waters of the Argo-Saronic Gulf to Spetses to stroll the historic car-free streets and enjoy an exquisite seafood lunch in a local taverna. Guests can also explore the wonders of Athens, including the Acropolis and the Parthenon, with their private drivers and guides on the final day of their visit, visiting Epidaurus along the way.

离开爱琴海沿着亚得里亚海沿岸向北,52日至4日的目的地是黑山共和国的小岛Sveti StefanAman Sveti Stefan正位于亚得里亚海岸中心地带,拥有曾是门的内哥罗皇室的夏日宅邸的Milocer别墅,独立的安缦水疗中心和粉色海滩,并且靠近众多景点,包括斯库台(Skadar)湖,历史悠久的布德瓦(Budva)和佩拉斯特(Perast)镇,联合国教科文组织的世界遗产科托尔海湾(Kotor——亚得里亚海保存最完好的中世纪城镇。客人可以漫步蜿蜒曲折的街道,探索中世纪迷宫般的博物馆,游览教堂和咖啡馆遍布的广场,然后返回Aman Sveti Stefan享用鸡尾酒和晚餐。

Leaving the Aegean behind and venturing north along the Adriatic coastline, the next destination is Montenegro’s iconic islet of Sveti Stefan for a two-night stay (2 - 4 May). Incorporating a once fortified fishing village dating back to the 15th century on an islet, Villa Milocer - the former summer residence of Montenegrin royalty, a free-standing Aman Spa and multiple pink-hued beaches, Aman Sveti Stefan lies close to many of the country’s premier attractions. These include Skadar Lake, the historic towns of Budva and Perast, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor – one of the best-preserved medieval towns on the Adriatic. Guests can stroll its winding, cobbled streets and explore the medieval maze of museums, churches and cafe-strewn squares, before returning to Aman Sveti Stefan for farewell cocktails and dinner.

行程的第二十天,54日至6日,客人将抵达最终目的地——威尼斯,与大运河上富丽堂皇的16世纪宫殿展开亲密接触。Aman Venice和威尼斯的浪漫华丽相得益彰,拥有绝美的建筑风格和博物馆般古老而华丽的装饰,这其中包括乔凡尼·巴蒂斯塔·提埃坡罗(Tiepolo)的壁画,建筑大师Sansovino设计的壁炉,镀金天花板和拥有百年历史的皮革墙纸。位于威尼斯这座水上之城的中心,华丽的主楼和别致的私家花园传递家的温馨。宾客可以与资深导游一同探索城市,访问圣马可大教堂、圣马可广场、总督宫或里亚托市场,体验奇妙旅程,还可以预约艺术画廊和收藏品的定制文化之旅。整个行程将以在宫殿豪华餐厅举行的晚宴作为终结,其间,宾客亦可于夕阳下俯瞰波光粼粼的大运河。

Day 20 of the expedition takes guests to their final destination, Venice, delivering them into the gracious embrace of a 16th century palazzo on the Grand Canal for the final two nights (4 - 6 May) of the expedition. As sumptuous and romantic as the city itself, Aman Venice is home to museum-quality treasures including Tiepolo frescoes, Sansovino fireplaces, gilded ceilings and centuries-old leather wall coverings. More home than hotel, the palazzo offers the rare privilege of space in the centre of the Floating City, one of the finest piano nobiles and two private gardens. Exploring the city with the hotel’s knowledgeable guides will curate magical moments whether visiting St Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace or Rialto Market. Bespoke cultural tours of the city’s impressive art galleries and collections can also be arranged. The expedition’s final dinner will be held in one of the palazzo’s opulent dining rooms, overlooking the Grand Canal as it reflects the setting sun.

更多有关私人行程,度假村及酒店,空客ACJ 319或目的地短途旅行和活动的详情,请访问aman.com

For more details on the expedition itinerary, the resorts and hotels, the Airbus ACJ 319 or the excursions and activities on offer in each destination, please visit aman.com



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